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Warwick, Claire, Melissa M. Terras, and Julianne Nyhan. 2012. Digital humanities in practice. London: Facet Publishing in association with UCL Centre for Digital Humanities.

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Digital Humanities in Practice, edited by Claire WarwickMelissa Terras, and Julianne Nyhan, is a cutting-edge and comprehensive introduction to the scope of the discipline and provides a wide-ranging insight into emerging topics and avenues of research. Published in November 2011, chapter summaries and case studies are available for each chapter.

The book discusses work that is being carried out at, or that involves members of the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities. We also blog about our work and tweet at @ucldh.

Chapter Summaries
Chapter 1: Studying users in digital humanities, Claire Warwick

Chapter 2: Social media for digital humanities and community engagement, Claire Ross

Chapter 3: Digitization and digital resources in the humanities, Melissa Terras

Chapter 4: Image processing in the digital humanities, Melissa Terras

Chapter 5: 3D recording and museums, Stuart Robson, Sally MacDonald, Graeme Were and Mona Hess

Chapter 6: Text encoding and scholarly digital editions, Julianne Nyhan

Chapter 7: Historical bibliography in the digital world, Anne Welsh

Chapter 8: Open access and online teaching materials for digital humanities, Simon Mahony, Ulrich Tiedau and Irish Sirmons

Chapter 9: Institutional models for digital humanities, Claire Warwick

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