Day of DH 2014 #DayofDH

Day of DH is an open community publication project that brings together scholars interested in the digital humanities from around the world to document what they do on one day, April 8th, answering the question, “Just what do digital humanists really do?”



Day of DH 2014 is just around the corner (April 8th), and we’re looking forward to all of the great writing, interaction, and conversations that are bound to happen as the day progresses.

In anticipation of the big day, there are a couple of tidbits of information we wanted to pass on.

Following Along with Day of DH 2014

When Day of DH 2014 is in full swing, here are some ways to following along

  • In your browser, you can see all Day of DH 2014 blogging activity on the activity page.
  • In an RSS reader (i.e. newsreader), there is also a feed of of Day of DH activity.
  • On Twitter, follow discussion at #DayofDH and feel free to join in.

As a reminder, there are many way to participate. If you find notable posts and tweets, share them on Twitter or on your Day of DH blog. To respond to posts, don’t be shy about commenting. Join the discussion, Day of DH is a community event.


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